ask me questions on my new blog ;o)


can this be my new fashion statement?

this my new blog this also my new fashion statement

hey thx 4 following but my blog is actually itbeok now im not using this one anymore ✌️


some recent good times
thx 4 the photos topophilicflora + kyle

this my new blog this it first real post the new grack loves their friends and hugs also wears nikes #swoosh

also feel free to msg me if we mutuals

ok changed this URL so new blog is
this is 50% cause of sources and 50% because I was starting to care about followers/likes and that’s not who I wanna be
I’m refollowing mutuals and maybe sending messages

also 50% of u are creepy or mean to me

im literally so frustrated with this website
im gonna delete and remake cause im following so many people who reblog unsourced material that i end up reblogging unsourced material
i’ll post my new blog but i’ll only follow blogs who are STRICT about sources and refollow mutuals i talk to

(Source: luciid-dr3ams)

take a survey on kpop

its for a group project i didnt make the survey i know it sucks im trying to do the bare minimum its called survival